New York Yankees All-Star catcher Gary Sanchez was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and was signed by the Yankees as an international free agent back in 2009. He finally made his MLB debut in October 2015 and got significant time behind the plate in 2016, when he played in 53 games and hit 20 home runs.

As the Yankees face the Boston Red Sox in the 2018 ALDS, Sanchez has the support of his family, especially that of his wife, Sahaira, and the couple’s daughter, Sarah, 4.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Sanchez Credits His Wife With Keeping Him ‘Grounded’

Back in 2017, Sanchez posted a photo to Instagram and used a sweet caption to honor his wife on their wedding anniversary.

“Celebrating our anniversary. This is the woman that has been with me in the good and the bad. Who keeps me grounded, watches out for me and who is a wonderful mother,” he wrote on January 7, 2017.

Sanchez has shared several photos of his wife and family on Instagram. In November 2016, he shared a photo with her in Las Vegas. “night out with my better half,” he wrote. After the 2016 season ended, Sanchez and his wife vacationed in Costa Rica.

In a Facebook post, Sanchez wrote that he has received “no blessing greater than” his wife and daughter.

2. They Traveled to Peru in the Off-Season to Celebrate Gary’s Birthday

The Sanchez’s took a pretty incredible trip during the offseason last year — to celebrate Gary’s birthday. He posted the above photo from the plane on his way to Peru with his wife.

“Taking off for a few days in Peru with the wifey and friends,” he captioned the photo. He also shared a couple of other snaps from the trip, including a few from Machu Picchu.

“A Yankee in Machu Picchu. Moment to reflect on where we came from, where we are and where we want to be,” Gary captioned the photo series.

3. They Have 1 Daughter Together

Sahaira Sanchez welcomed the couple’s only child, Sarah, in 2014. In several past interviews, Gary Sanchez has said that his wife and daughter have inspired him to become a better man, on and off the field.

Before becoming a father, Sanchez complained about not starting a minor league game and refused to warm up a reliever five years ago, reports ESPN. The Yankees responded by demoting him to their Class-A affiliate. The Yankees hoped he’d become a better player, but his disciplinary issues made them question their commitment.

That experience and becoming a father made him realize that he needed to be mature. In the 2015 season, he became serious about his development as a baseball player.

“It is a beautiful experience to become a dad,” Sanchez told ESPN through a translator back in September 2016. “It is kind of like once you become a dad, that’s your all and you want to …read more



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Sahaira & Gary Sanchez: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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