Twitch streamerica area progressive views. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that there can even be banned for such a thing as blackface – makeup used by white people to black images. “Abusive” behavior recently caught a Lithuanian strikers.

Karina Martsinkevich, also known by the nickname Karupups, last Saturday led a stream on Twitch in the Just Chatting section where live was preparing a cosplay for the character Laflin of Apex Legends. It all started innocently: she dyed her hair, wore a white shirt and hung on the neck of the surgical mask.

And then strimers have done something for which he received his punishment – he began to put on black face makeup to finally enter into the image of a dark-skinned heroine of the battle Royal from Respawn Entertainment. Despite the fact that for the transformation of the girls watched a total of about 170 people, the moderators of the service noticed the breach before the end of the process and cut off the stream, and account Martsinkevich blocked for 30 days.

Karina Martsinkevich without makeup.

In comments to Kotaku, stremersch explained that just wanted to show the audience how hard it is to prepare for the cosplay and how much time it can take to prepare make-up, costume and other details. After the incident, Martsinkevich posted a video in which he said that it was banned for “participation in a hateful action against a person or group of people”. She added that no one wanted to offend, and apologized.

Share your opinion with the author of cosplay in the comments under the appropriate post in her official VK-public.

As noted by Kotaku, in the community of cosplayers (at least Western) blackface often exposed to condemnation. Because of this, the criticism encountered, for example, girls, depicting blacks Sombra from Overwatch and michonne from “the Walking dead”. However, this medal has also a reverse side – black people themselves are also sometimes blamed for the transformation into heroes with a different skin color.

Trimera in the image Laflin About The Author
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Twitch temporarily banned streamers for blackface in cosplay of the character Apex Legends

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