US’s ‘doomsday’ plane is a ‘White House with wings’ that can withstand a nuke blast

The plane is a ‘White House with wings’ (Picture: Sgt Jerry Morrison)

President Joe Biden has announced the US has ordered new and improved ‘doomsday planes’ which can survive nuclear war.

The announcement has heightened fears that large countries are preparing for World War III, however, as the US looks to replace its outdated E-4B Nightwatch airborne command centre.

A $13 billion contract will see Colorado company Sierra Nevada Corporation work to replace the E-4B, which is also able to survive nuclear war.

The U.S. Air Force says the replacement aircraft would be used in times of destruction by an enemy of ground command and control centres.

The current E-4 platforms were built in the 1970s and are reaching the end of their operational lifespans.

A militarised version of a Boeing 747, the planes boast four engines and the ability to refuel mid-air – and the new versions are sure to be even more high tech than the old ones.

The plane was introduced in 1980 (Picture: US Air Force)

The plane has been used for long haul flights abroad before (Picture: Getty)

The plane can also reflect electromagnetic pulse with mesh built into some windows, and has an advanced satellite communications system.

Nuclear and thermal shielding is built into the aircraft, as well as air-conditioning and other features – a sort of ‘White House on wings’.

The plane has specialised masks, which hang in the cockpit to keep pilots from being blinded in case of a nuclear blast.

The main deck has six different functional areas – a command work area, conference room, briefing room, an operations team work area, communications area and rest area.

It can fit a crew of 65 troops, and has 42 separate communication systems to ensure they’re able to contact anyone, anytime.

With a wingspan of 195 feet and a cost of $223.2 million, the E-4B was first deployed in January 1980.

A few of the planes are stationed around America (Picture: Getty)

The planes are used in test flights to practice refuelling (Picture: Christian Turner)

Replacing the ‘doomsday plane’ is no small feat – the U.S. Department of Defense confirmed that the work, which will be complete by 2036, will be performed in multiple locations.

Englewood, Colorado; Sparks, Nevada; Beavercreek, Ohio; and Vandalia, Ohio will all help construct the replacements.

The Air Force added: ‘As a command, control and communications center directing US forces, executing emergency war orders and coordinating the activities of civil authorities including national contingency plans, this capability ensures continuity of operations and continuity of government as required in a national emergency or after negation/destruction of ground command and control centers.’

Other countries have similar aircraft in case of a nuclear disaster – in May 2022, Putin’s version of the ‘doomsday plane’ was seen flying around Moscow.

The so-called ‘Flying Kremlin’ is able to be refuelled in mid-air, and would be a point of command for Putin if nuclear weapons are used in the future.

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