We will do whatever it takes to deter migrants & get planes in the air to Rwanda – despite lefty do-gooders

I WAS live on air when the news broke last week.

More deaths at sea. More people dying attempting to cross the Channel.

AFPMichael Tomlinson says the Tory party will do whatever it takes to deter migrants and get planes to Rwanda[/caption]

That’s why last week’s passing of the Safety of Rwanda Act is so critical.

But the hostility to our plans should not be underestimated.

There are those who seek to undermine our work to secure our borders.

Pressure groups, organised campaigns, and even the Labour Party itself are determined for us to fail.

And we know they will try to put any number of obstacles in our way to take us back to square one.

They are desperate to know every detail of our plans for one reason and one reason only — to stop them.

Sir Keir has admitted that he will scrap our Rwanda scheme even once the deterrent effect is working.

But we have been preparing for this fight.

Our enforcement teams have been running simulation exercises and testing our readiness.

We have been training our best caseworkers.

Making high quality decisions is our first defence against spurious legal challenges and delaying tactics.

We will do whatever it takes to get these planes in the air.

We won’t let lefty do-gooders or a foreign court stand in our way.

There are lives at stake.

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