Astrid Wett breaks down in tears in emotional video with Chelsea fan heartbroken over exit of Blues ‘daddy’

ASTRID WETT paid tribute to Thiago Silva as he announced he was leading Chelsea.

The controversial influencer took to her social media page to issue a farewell to outgoing Blues star Silva.

X formerly Twitter / @AstridWettAstrid Wett posted a video in tribute to outgoing Chelsea star Thiago Silva[/caption] announced he was leaving Chelsea at the end of the season[/caption]

X formerly Twitter / @AstridWettAstrid said he was an all-time great Premier League centre-back[/caption]

X formerly Twitter / @AstridWettShe appeared to be emotional in the video[/caption]

The 39-year-old announced in an emotional video he was quitting Chelsea at the end of the season after four years at Stamford Bridge that saw him win the Champions League.

Astrid, who rubbed her eyes repeatedly in the vid, described it as a “hard day” to be a Chelsea fan due to Silva’s exit.

The influencer boxer said: “He’s one of the best Premier League centre-backs of all time next to John Terry. I’m going to miss him so much.

“The experience he brings to our young squad cannot be replaced. The memories we have together cannot be replaced. The dodgy tweets from his wife cannot be replaced.

“Chelsea only buy kids, today we lost our daddy.”

Other Blues fans joined the plaudits of Silva, with one user saying: “We will miss this legend.”

Isabelle Silva’s most controversial moments

All the chaos from her time at Stamford Bridge:


Belle went after Poch when he axed Silva for Chelsea’s 4-2 defeat to Wolves earlier this year. She said: “It’s time to change. If you wait any longer it will be too late.”

Belle later apologised after Silva was summoned to a meeting with his boss. But she was at it again this month after the 5-0 defeat to Arsenal, posting emojis to signify “see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.”


Belle Silva slammed Werner’s poor finishing after he fluffed his lines in Chelsea’s Champions League semi-final win over Real Madrid in 2021.

Belle said: “This is karma, guys. Every team I go to there is a striker who keeps missing goals… this Werner, what is his name?”

In another video she added: “We need a goal, we need to win this match but my attackers don’t want to score, I don’t know why they don’t score.”


Belle once liked a tweet labelling Potter a “deadbeat coach” during his ill-fated reign last season.

And after he dropped Silva from Chelsea’s XI, she wrote on social media: “I just think that going back or looking for solutions when you take a hasty and totally wrong attitude is not wrong #goblues.”


Belle let rip at Chelsea’s décor team when they failed to put up a photo of Silva after redecorating the ground.

She said: “Today I went to Stamford Bridge, and I noticed that the photos changed around the stadium. But I don’t see a photo of @tsilva3 anywhere. Why @ChelseaFC?”


Belle went on the offensive after a commentator criticised Silva’s lack of effort in one match.

She roared: “I’m here in my box at Stamford Bridge. I just listened right now to the commentator, who said that Thiago Silva is not attacking enough.

“Respect Thiago Silva because Thiago Silva arrived yesterday, Thiago Silva played for Brazil, Thiago Silva is very tired, Thiago Silva is 37 years old, he plays like he is 20 years old.

“So respect him, he’s not a machine. He needs to relax, alright?”Very difficult to see what I see on TV. At home the situation worsens because I don’t know how to help, what to say. Very sad @tsilva3 you aren’t alone.”


Belle took aim at the Liverpool star after he appeared to gloat over a tackle made on Jorginho. She wrote: “Chilwell is better than u dude you even lost to Southampton.”

A second said: “Thiago Silva is a legend.”

Another said: “It’s the same today as me, I cried a lot.”

Instagram / @bellesilvaAstrid said the tweets of Silva’s wife Isabelle would be irreplacable[/caption] influencer then called Silva Chelsea’s ‘daddy’[/caption]

However, other fans blasted Astrid for using “crocodile tears” in her reaction.

Astrid is a divisive figure among the Chelsea fanbase given the usual nature of the context she posts.

She is typically seen posting reactionary and over the top videos relating to football and Chelsea or in scantily clad outfits.

Before the Arsenal-Chelsea game she was seen trying to pull a prank on Mikel Arteta by leaving a pin on his chair.

In his heartfelt video, Silva said: “I came here with the intention of only staying for a year and it ended up being four years. Not just for me but for my family, too.

“My sons play for Chelsea so it’s a source of great pride to be a part of the Chelsea family – literally because my sons are here. I hope they can continue their careers here at this victorious club that many players wish to be part of.

“In everything I did here over the four years, I always gave my all. But, unfortunately, everything has a start, a middle and an end. That doesn’t mean that this is a definitive end.

“I hope to leave the door open so that in the near future I can return, albeit in another role here.”

Thiago Silva’s career stats

Those numbers in full

RS Futebol, 2002-2003: 25 games, 2 goals

Juventude, 2004: 36 games, 3 goals

Porto B, 2004-2005: 14 games, 0 goals

Dynamo Moscow, 2005: 0 games, 0 goals

Fluminense, 2006-2008: 143 games, 14 goals

AC Milan, 2009-2012: 119 games, 6 goals

PSG, 2012-2020: 315 games, 17 goals

Chelsea, 2020-2024: 151 games, 9 goals

Brazil, 2008-2022: 113 games, 7 goals

Trophies: Brazilian Cup (Fluminense); Serie A, Italian Super Cup (AC Milan); Ligue 1 x7, French Cup x5, League Cup x6, Champions Trophy x5 (PSG); Champions League, Super Cup, Club World Cup (Chelsea); Copa America, Confederations Cup (Brazil) is a controversial figure among the Chelsea fanbase[/caption]

X formerly Twitter / @AstridWettOne fan accused Astrid of using ‘crocodile tears’ in her video[/caption]

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