Jamie Carragher interviews Jadon Sancho on live TV after EIGHT PINTS and CBS Sports studio cannot bear to watch

THE CBS Sports studio could not bear to watch as Jamie Carragher interviewed Jadon Sancho live on air after sinking eight pints.

The Liverpool legend was in Germany last night for the Champions League semi-final clash between Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain.

Jamie Carragher interviewed Jadon Sancho after sinking eight pints at Borussia Dortmund

The Liverpool legend watched the German side’s win over PSG with the Yellow Wall

Fellow CBS Sports star Thierry Henry was left with his head in his hands

The home side put in a spirited performance as they won 1-0 thanks to `Niclas Fullkrug’s first-half strike.

And Carragher was loving every minute after spending the game in Dortmund’s famous Yellow Wall.

The Champions League winner downed pint after pint as he soaked up the pre-game atmosphere with German supporters.

Carragher then took part in a rousing rendition of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ before kick-off.

And the beer continued flowing as he cheered Dortmund on to victory in the first leg of the tie.

But there was chaos after the final whistle as Carragher embarked on a post-match interview with Man United loanee Sancho.

The Anfield hero casually draped an arm around Dortmund’s loan star before congratulating him on a fine performance.

It sent the CBS Sports studio into hysterics, with Micah Richards heard hooting in the background.


Host Kate Abdo and special guest Alessandro del Piero watched on in amazement.

And Thierry Henry ended up burying his head in his hands as Carragher raved about his day out in the Yellow Wall.

Carragher warmed up for action by partying with Dortmund fans

He claims they bought him lager all night long

Carragher belted out ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ with the home supporters

The Merseyside man appeared very animated as he and fellow pundit Peter Schmeichel congratulated Sancho on the result.

Schmeichel then joked: “To go in the Yellow Wall you must drink eight pints, like he (Carragher) has!”

This saw Carragher explode in fits of giggles as those in the studio also burst out laughing.

Sancho saw the funny side too as he said: “It’s not for me yet.”

Carragher caused chaos post-match as he was ‘sin binned’ by Peter Schmeichel

Micah Richards was left in hysterics by Carragher’s antics

Kate Abdo could be seen looking shocked while Alessandro del Piero burst out laughing

Carragher then asked: “If you get to the final can we have a few pints together?”

Sancho responded: “I don’t drink!”

Carragher continued enjoying the effects of his night out, so much so that Schmeichel eventually SIN BINNED him.

Appearing on air, the former United goalie revealed he’d sent Carragher away to calm down.

But the cheeky chap couldn’t resist hilariously poking his face out in front of the camera, sending people into laughing fits once more.

And later on, Carragher admitted he couldn’t remember a single name of any of the Dortmund fans he had spent the match with.

Carragher’s interview with Sancho in full

The transcript:

Carragher: “I’ve just been in the yellow wall, my first experience of it, you know it very well. You’ve been here before. That was one of the best experiences of my life. Amazing.”

Schmeichel: “Have you been in the yellow wall yet?”

Sancho: “No haven’t been, but week in and week out that’s how it is.”

Schmeichel: “How has it helped you on the pitch?”

Sancho: “A lot. When we hear our fans we’re so motivated from the start. When we hear them we can’t wait to play.”

Carragher: “The great thing about the Yellow Wall is the atmosphere. It’s not the best view in the world, I thought you played well. But Thierry Henry, Alessandro del Piero and Micah Richards are absolutely raving about your performance.”

Sancho: “I appreciate it but it’s not over, we still have to go to Paris and hopefully get the job done there, but I appreciate the compliments.”

Schmeichel: “You’re playing like someone looking to get in the Champions League final, but also thinking ‘I want to get into that England squad and be here in the summer’.”

Sancho: “Definitely, take it game by game and performances like today I just hope it carries on and I appreciate the compliments.”

Carragher: “What is it about you and Borussia Dortmund, you were absolutely outstanding here initially, you’ve come back and been brilliant again. What is it about this club that really resonates with yourself?”

Sancho: “I came here at 17, they gave me the opportunity to play and I’m delighted with the staff and players who have welcomed me back and I give it everything in front of the fans.”

Schemeichel: “Are you going to stay?”

Sancho: “I don’t know but I’m just focused on the present right now.”

Carragher: “The only thing at Dortmund you haven’t done is go in the Yellow Wall. Can you promise the fans you’ll go, because I found a new family, new friends. They bought me pints of lager all night. Jadon you will love it.”

Schmeichel: “Jadon, it’s not for you. You’re still an active sportsman. To be in the Yellow Wall you have to drink eight pints like he had, so it’s not for you yet.”

Sancho: “It’s not for me but I’ll definitely try it out.”

Carragher: “If you get to the final, can we have a few pints together?”

Sancho: “I don’t drink!”

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