My dad is a former Spain star – now I’m making my own way as a Playboy model but he’s banned me from dating footballers

A FORMER Spanish footy star’s daughter is now making her own headlines as a Playboy model and influencer.

The beautiful Nadia Jemez grew up with her father travelling around the world.

instagram @nadiajemezNadia Jemez is became a huge hit with fans on Instagram[/caption]

instagram @nadiajemezHer father was a former Spanish international footy star[/caption]

GettyPaco Jemez spent his career in his homeland before a spell managing in Mexico[/caption]

instagram @nadiajemezNadia revealed her explosive start to life modelling for playboy while in Mexico[/caption]

Now she boasts 344,000 Instagram followers – but she is banned from dating footballers.

Nadia is the daughter of former LaLiga coach and Spain international defender Paco Jemez.

The 54-year-old, who won 21 caps for his country and was part of their Euro 2000 squad, remained in his homeland throughout his playing days.

He lifted the Copa del Rey in 2001 – shortly after the arrival of Nadia into the world in October 1999.

Paco then started coaching in Spain, working his way up the ranks with Alcala, Cordoba and Cartagena, leading them to the second tier for the first time ever.

A spell at Las Palmas and a return to Cordoba followed before he embarked on a four-year stint at Rayo Vallecano that was before a brief time at Granada. 

That was when Pace decided to mix it up and move his family to Mexico to take over at Cruz Azul – and his own daughter’s career started to take lift-off in controversial fashion.

Speaking on the ‘La Influencia’ podcast, as reported by renowned German news outlet Bild, Nadia said: “My father freaked out when I was introduced on the ‘Playboy Mexico’ platform.


At that time he said that he would report certain people because I was still a minor.

“I was 17-years-old and this is a crime.”

She continued: “The sports press in Mexico is more of a tabloid press.

“They are very interested in the lives of football players and coaches. And they asked my father for my photos.

“They asked him at press conferences about the games.”

Paco, who played 269 games in LaLiga and has since managed Las Palmas and Vallecano again since ending his one-year spell in Mexico, also had some stern advice for his girl.

Ndia said: “My father always told me never to be with a footballer. And I’ve never been with a footballer or kissed a footballer. Never.”

She is now enjoying the financial side of her success as a model and influencer as she revealed what she spent her first big pay cheque on.

instagram @nadiajemezNadia says her dad has banned her from dating footballers[/caption]

instagram @nadiajemezShe now boasts a following of nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram[/caption]

“A Gucci bag, she revealed. “It wasn’t very expensive: around 1,900 to 2,000 euros.”

However, she is also working hard to ensure that she has the brains as well as beauty.

Nadia added: “I study eight hours a day. I get up at 7am.

“Every three hours I take a 15 or 30 minute break.”

While her career goes from success to success, her father is still coaching.

He managed minnows Ibiza for the 2021/22 season before spending the last two campaigns in charge of Iranian outfit Tractor

instagram @nadiajemezNadia bought a Gucci bag with her first salary from modelling[/caption]

instagram @nadiajemezShe says she splashed out around 2,000 euros for it[/caption]

instagram @nadiajemezNadia is also working hard on her studies despite her online success[/caption]

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