‘Unforgivable’ – Frustrated Ronnie O’Sullivan smacks cue on table after miss to leave BBC commentator shocked

RONNIE O’SULLIVAN’S frustration got the better of him today when he smacked his cue against the table at The Crucible.

The incident came when O’Sullivan missed an easy pot in the seventh frame against Stuart Bingham.

BBCO’Sullivan was looking to pot what looked like an easy red[/caption]

BBCBut the rocket missed[/caption]

BBCHe then smacked his cue on the table[/caption]

His frustration was seen in an incident when he smacked his cue on the side of the table after leaning on it to take the shot.

After O’Sullivan missed, the BBC commentator said: “He can’t believe it.”

He then followed that up with “We can’t believe it.”

Reflecting on the mistake on the replay the commentator says: “And then he smacks his cue on the table.

“It’s just his frustration. It’s one of those.

“If it had been straight on the red it wouldn’t be a problem. Those fractions are just not in his favour at the moment.


“But as we said earlier it can be such a frustrating game sometimes. But you’ve got to play it as it lies and no excuse for missing the red.”

The co-commentator then chimed in to say “Yeah there’s no excuse for that, it’s an unforgivable miss.”

Despite the missed shot, O’Sullivan went on to win the frame to make it 4-3 against Bingham.

O’Sullivan is vying to make it a record breaking eight World Championship titles at the Crucible this year.

He is currently tied on a joint record-holding seven with Stephen Hendry.

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