Dangerous foreign preachers face BAN from Britain under government visa crackdown

DANGEROUS hate preachers will be denied entry to Britain under a fresh crackdown on extremists.

The Sun understands a dedicated taskforce is being established to identify foreigners with a history of spreading poison so they can have their visas either cancelled or refused.

PAHome Secretary James Cleverly is planning a fresh crackdown on extremists[/caption]

Firms who are found sponsoring visas for these individuals also face having their sponsorship licence revoked.

The Home Office fears prominent extremists pose a direct threat to public safety, including radical clerics and the far-right.

Intelligence from British embassies as well as community fieldwork will be gathered by the taskforce to single out potential targets.

The Home Secretary already has powers to bar people from the UK if judged they are not conducive for the public good.

In 2010 Theresa May banned Islamist preacher Zakir Naik for spreading extremist views.

But it is understood the taskforce will help the government take more proactive measures to seek out extremists and block their entry.

Individuals identified will be automatically referred to the Home Office for rigorous assessment on a case-by-case basis based on their past behaviour and potential risk to the public. 

It comes after the definition of extremism was tightened earlier this year following an increase in Islamist and far-right thuggery.

Michael Gove unveiled the wording designed to outlaw those who seek to “undermine, overturn or replace” the British democratic system and our values.

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