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Nicolas Cage gives one of his most insane performances in “Mandy.”
But it’s the director of the movie, Panos Cosmatos, and coping with the passing of his parents, that led to Cage’s wild role.

There aren’t many who can top Nicolas Cage in the crazy department, but the actor met his match with director Panos Cosmatos.

The filmmaker has built a fan base thanks to his beautifully demented storytelling, and that’s only with one feature film under his belt.

2010’s “Beyond the Black Rainbow,” Cosmatos’ feature debut, gave audiences a twisted and visually stunning sci-fi movie about one young woman’s journey to escape a weird institute run by an even weirder doctor. With the beautiful sets and costumes matched with the trippy music and cinematography, it was evident that Cosmatos was a new original voice to genre filmmaking.

Eight years later, Cosmatos has finally returned with a new movie, “Mandy” (opening in theaters on Friday). And though this one continues his love of strange characters, gorgeous visuals, and thrilling soundtrack (this time using rock and roll versus the electronica sound of “Black Rainbow”), it will get a bigger profile with the casting of Cage as the star of the movie.

Here Cage plays Red Miller, a quiet man who lives in California’s Shadow Mountains where he cuts down trees with a chainsaw all day, and every night he comes home to Mandy (Andrea Riseborough), his true love. However, when a religious cult kills Mandy, Red goes into a psychotic rage, killing everyone (human and supernatural) that was involved in her death. That includes battling bad guys with an axe he built himself and having a chainsaw duel.

But behind the insanity in both “Beyond the Black Rainbow” and “Mandy” is a lot of pain. Cosmatos channeled the depression of losing both of his parents in the last decade into writing the scripts for the movies.

The loss of his father was particularly tough, seeing his connection to movies. George P. Cosmatos died in 2005 and was the director of such classic Hollywood titles as “Rambo: First Blood Part II,” “Cobra,” “Leviathan,” and “Tombstone.”

“My love of movies comes from him,” Cosmatos said of his father to Business Insider. “He loved movies more than anything. He was obsessed with them. We watched them together up until the end.”

He said blackout drinking binges with friends was how he dealt with the loss of his mother, but after his father died he turned to storytelling, writing “Black Rainbow” and “Mandy” simultaneously.

“I wasn’t aware of the therapeutic aspect of it at the time, but it helped me get through in a big way,” Cosmatos said of the scriptwriting.

“Black Rainbow” got off the ground quicker financially, so it was made first. When Cosmatos went back to the “Mandy” script, he realized he couldn’t finish it.

“Me writing ‘Black Rainbow’ was me alone in a windowless room going insane,” he said. For “Mandy” he needed to be collaborative.

He brought on his friend, filmmaker Aaron Stewart-Ahn, to finish the script with him. And Cosmatos also felt …read more

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Nicolas Cage gives a wild and unhinged performance in his new movie, ‘Mandy,’ and the dark past of its director was the inspiration

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