Stark pictures show migrant ‘tent city’ weaving through roads outside Dublin asylum processing centre

STARK pictures show a migrant “tent city” weaving through roads outside an asylum processing centre in Dublin.

The sprawling makeshift camp stretches around the International Protection Office in the Irish capital.

PAAsylum seekers have set up a ‘tent city’ in Dublin[/caption]

Darren FletcherThe camp does not have access to sanitary facilities[/caption]

Darren FletcherHomeless migrants have painted pleas for help on their tents[/caption]

Darren FletcherThe camp stretches around the block[/caption]

Asylum seekers living in the camp are packed tightly together with little to no personal space and no access to sanitary facilities.

The homeless migrants have reportedly been forced to use an open toilet in the corner of the camp.

Snaps show tents painted with pleas for sympathy like “We are not subhuman” and “Homes for all”.

Some of the asylum seekers were moved to another site in south Dublin earlier this month.

But conditions at the site were reportedly so bad they returned to the “tent city”.

Today Rishi Sunak slapped down Ireland’s plan to send back asylum seekers who have crossed from Britain into the Republic.

The Irish government said asylum seekers fearing removal to Rwanda have been crossing the Irish border in growing numbers.

But Downing Street today shot down suggestions that asylum seekers be returned – unless France lets Britain do the same.

A spokesman said: “Even if Ireland wants to pass legislation, it is up to the UK to decide who we do and don’t accept into the country.

“Clearly we aren’t going to start accepting returns from the EU, just as the EU doesn’t accept asylum returns from the UK to France.”

The Irish government claimed 80 per cent of its asylum seekers have crossed the border from Northern Ireland.

It said the asylum seekers are coming to Ireland in a bid to avoid deportation to Rwanda.

UK Welfare Secretary Mel Stride said: “We are not in the business of having more illegal migrants in the UK.

“We have passed the legislation. What you’re seeing now are the early signs of the deterrent effect working.”

PAThe Irish government is threatening to send back the asylum seekers[/caption]

Darren FletcherImmigration officers outside the asylum processing centre[/caption]

The Sun Says

IRELAND is now finding out the hard way what happens if you allow unfettered access across your borders.

Tomorrow the Irish Justice minister will meet James Cleverly to demand Britain take back illegal Channel migrants now flowing into the Republic from Northern Ireland.

The Home Secretary will almost certainly resist this as laughable nonsense – not least as it is likely to be impossible to police without border checks.

But what Cleverly could suggest in return is this: Britain will agree we are a safe country and take back illegals from Ireland — only if France does the same for us.

That would stop the small boats and the unnecessary deaths and smash the smuggling gangs forever.

But President Macron — having pocketed over £650million of British taxpayer cash while miserably failing to stop the crossings — has always refused to do this.

The leaderships of Ireland and France show how desperate the EU still is to use migration to punish Brexit Britain.

Ireland wants freedom of movement but insists the UK take back those it can’t afford to house.

France just wants to dump the migrants on us.

Meanwhile, other European countries are queuing up to impose their own Rwanda-style schemes.

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