World’s sexiest volleyball star Kayla Simmons gives fans an eyeful as she relaxes in bikini on the beach

KAYLA SIMMONS gave fans an eyeful as she relaxed in a bikini on the beach. 

The world’s sexiest volleyball star turned heads as she soaked up the sun this week.

Instagram @kaylasimmonsKayla Simmons gaves fans an eyeful as she wore a bikini on the beach[/caption]

Instagram @kaylasimmonsShe teased her outfit as her jeans hung around her hips[/caption]

Kayla left little to the imagination in a bright pink bikini.

And she protected herself from the powerful rays with a beige baseball cap.

Before heading into the great outdoors, Kayla teased her outfit to fans on social media.

She let her open jeans slide down her hips to reveal her bikini bottoms.

And Kayla also revealed more of her pink top to the camera.

The American is one of the top sports influencers on Instagram.

She has amassed a loyal army of followers with her saucy snaps.

Kayla treats fans to daily uploads, leaving many feeling flushed.

And she previously opened up on her life as a sportsperson and influencer.

Kayla said: “College athletics was a great experience for me, but it also taught me some valuable lessons.

“I was told by my school administrators that the pictures I post are inappropriate because of my body – I was even asked to delete my Instagram at one point.

“I was torn because I felt I couldn’t embrace my body and play the sport I love.

“I’ve since learned that you can’t let other people affect how you feel about yourself. I am who I am, & it’s okay to be confident!”


Kayla has been dubbed the world’s sexiest volleyball star

Instagram / KaylasimmmonsKayla played volleyball for Marshall University – although usually not in this outfit[/caption]

She has built up a huge following on social media

Instagram @kaylasimmmonsOn both TikTok and Instagram she has amassed combined 1.8million followers[/caption]

Kayla still plays volleyball occasionally and pulled off a trick shot with her bumINSTAGRAM @kaylasimmmons @outofsystemofficial

Instagram/kaylasimmmonsKayla revealed how she keeps her peachy rear in perfect shape[/caption]

It’s not just volleyball Kayla can play as she impressed at Top Golf

InstagramThe beauty regularly wows her fans with bikini snaps on Instagram[/caption]

Instagram/KaylasimmonsKayla ‘gave a new meaning to sideboob’ in this upload[/caption]

Instagram @kaylasimmmonsKayla loves the beach[/caption]

Instagram @kaylasimmmonsKayla gave this dog an eyeful[/caption]

Instagram/kaylasimmmonsAnd this little kitten didn’t know where to look[/caption]

Instagram/Kayla SimmonsKayla shared a collection of steamy photos to her Instagram from her summer trip around Europe[/caption]

Instagram/Kayla SimmonsKayla lives a glamorous life[/caption]

Instagram @kaylasimmmonsShe shared this seriously busty snap on Instagram[/caption]

Instagram / @kaylasimmmonsShe love to stay tanned and posts pictures from her sunbathing days[/caption]

Instagram/Kayla SimmonsBut she showed off her sunburn here[/caption]

INSTAGRAM / kaylasimmmonsKayla went on holiday to Greece in the summer[/caption]

Instagram/Kayla SimmonsBut some of her bikinis did not seem to fit[/caption]

Kayla delighted fans with this bikini picInstagram/kaylasimmmons

Fans regularly heap praise on her for her figure

Instagram/kaylasimmmonsKayla shared this busty photo with her one million Instagram followers[/caption]

Kayla is one of the most popular sport’s influencers

Instagram/Kayla SimmonsShe posed as a cowgirl in a recent video[/caption]

Instagram/kaylasimmmonsKayla posed with a friend in a daring outfit[/caption]

Instagram/kaylasimmmonsThe star also posted a mirror selfie in the bathroom[/caption]

Instagram/kaylasimmmonsKayla set pulses racing when she ate spaghetti in a hot tub[/caption]

Instagram @kaylasimmonsHer posts always prove popular on social media[/caption]

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