Lorraine Bracco is doing a home reno show for a house she bought in Sicily for a euro


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📣 JUST ANNOUNCED 📣⁠ ⁠ @braccoabroad is coming to HGTV! She’s renovating a 200-year-old home she purchased for only *one* euro — yup, you read that right.⁠ ⁠ Get all the details about #MyBigItalianAdventure at the #linkinbio! ⁠ ⁠

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The Sopranos and Goodfellas star Lorraine Bracco is coming to HGTV October 30th with a show called My Big Italian Adventure. Lorraine has bought a house in Italian in Sambuca, Sicily for one euro and has three years to renovate according to the promotional contract. She soon finds out that the undertaking is big as it is a crumbling structure without lights, a bathroom or running water. Here’s more on the show from People:

“I believe life is an adventure,” Bracco says in a press release. “When I saw the article that you could buy a house in Sambuca for one euro, I jumped on it. So, I came on the plane. I bought the house. I’m very excited to be here, meet and work with the locals, and live amongst them. I’m here to pay homage to my family that comes from Sicily.”

The Sambuca one-euro program was created by the mayor as a way to bring a resurgence of citizens back to the historic town, which has seen much of its younger generation leave for bigger cities such as Palermo, the capital of Sicily, in recent years.

There is one big catch: the program requires that centuries-old homes be renovated within three years of purchase, ensuring that those that buy that homes do intend to help breathe life back into the town.

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The series follows the 65-year-old actress as she says “ciao” to a 1,075-square-foot, 200-year-old property in a hilltop town on the island, located just off the “toe” of Italy’s boot.

She quickly finds out her home is crumbling from the inside out (the walls, floors, and roof are all deteriorating) and has no electricity, running water, kitchen or bathrooms.

With the help of an architect, contractor, translator and several friends new and old, Bracco guts the home, overcoming challenges as she works to finish the renovations within the time frame stipulated by the town. Fans will watch as the actress turn the old house into a place she and her family can call their Italian retreat for years to come, honoring her family history along the way.

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I definitely plan to tune into this show because 1) I love reno shows and 2) I lived in Sicily for two years and I know how SLOWLY Sicilians work so the show will be a comedy for me. I have seen these ads for the one euro homes and I know that more than likely a person would have to sink at least $150k in renovations. I am still interested in purchasing one for a retreat home though. Plus Sicily is stunning. There is a city called Gela …read more

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