Paris Hilton is on the promo circuit for, I guess, her new single. I think Paris just likes to be on TV talking to people who flatter her. And that’s exactly what she got when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live. While still desperately trying to keep her face turned left – even though Andy was on her right – Andy got Paris to play Plead the Fifth with three questions about three of her famous friends: Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. Paris chose not to pass on any of the questions, but she didn’t answer any of them directly either. The only clear answer we got was that Paris does not care for Lindsay Lohan:

Paris, you have recently said that you never want Lindsay Lohan’s name spoken in the same sentence as yours. Paris: say three nice things about Lindsay Lohan
She’s beyond. Lame and embarrassing

You and Ki Kardashian have had a long history together but Kim mentioned to Harpers Bazaar in 2011 that you two weren’t speaking. What was the cause of that rift and was it really because you insulted her butt on a radio show?
I think it was the media just making something up, but I just did a video called My Best Friend’s A** and had the most infamous a** in the world in the video. And her a** is hot. I love it

Paris, are the rumors true that you once made out with Miley Cyrus in a Miami nightclub?
(Laughs) Maybe (laughs)

Seriously, Paris Hilton doesn’t get how Questions and Answers works. You don’t just get to say anything after you’ve been asked a question – they have to match. There is evidence that once upon a time Lindsay and Paris circled each other’s orbit. But Paris has done her very best to tamp out any memory of their relationship ever since. Whatever happened left an indelible mark but I’m not going to pretend to care about their rift. They both behaved terribly in the press and are a little too hellbent on making sure we know they hate each other. Fact accepted, let’s move on.

As for this new Kim K narrative, though – really? People love a good makeup story, why is Paris trying to rewrite history that they didn’t try to sabotage each other for years? I was genuinely happy to see they’d reconnected. Pretending like nothing had happened doesn’t make it a better story. Paris’ desire to cover up any past grievances must have to do with how the scales of fame have tipped in Kim’s favor.

As for Miley: two uninvolved attention seekers make out publicly in a popular nightclub? Color me shocked.

If you need to see Paris say these things, here you go:

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Paris Hilton can’t say 3 nice things about Lindsay Lohan calls her lame, embarrassing

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