In an eye-opening bit of news that was recently revealed, both the Oakland Raiders and NFL may find themselves facing a lawsuit from the team’s current city. While the Raiders prepare for a move to Las Vegas, they are potentially looking at a $500 million lawsuit ahead of the relocation to Sin City, as Matier & Ross of the San Francisco Chronicle revealed.

But it seems the situation may be even worse than originally anticipated. As Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole revealed, there’s a chance the anti-trust lawsuit could lead to the city going after the name and brand of the Raiders.

One thing to watch for when/if Oakland files an anti-trust lawsuit vs. the #Raiders & NFL. The city may go after the Raiders name/brand to keep it in Oakland, using the Cleveland Browns precedent. That could be a HUGE problem for owner Mark Davis.

— Jason Cole (@JasonCole62) September 6, 2018

In turn, this would mean the Raiders and their iconic logo wouldn’t be heading to Las Vegas with the rest of the team. It’s unknown what the likelihood of this happening is, and right now the lawsuit hasn’t even been filed or finalized.

The rumblings of a lawsuit potentially coming, though, has led to the Raiders considering leaving town after the 2018 season, as the San Francisco Chronicle revealed. If the team does leave, they’ll need to find a place to play their 2019 season, as the Las Vegas Stadium isn’t expected to be ready until 2020.

Even if a lawsuit doesn’t happen, the Raiders are only under contract with the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum through this season. In turn, the Raiders and owner Mark Davis are left with quite a few things to figure out in the very near future.

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Report: Raiders Could Lose Name, Brand in Oakland Lawsuit

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